The first official posters for all three films

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the second photo. THE SECOND PHOTO.

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Visually stunning movies Psycho

Cinematography by John L. Russell

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one badass kitten

Bronson special screening, 10 March 2009

Tom Hardy attending the Bronson Premiere After-party held at The Embassy Hotel in London March 10, 2009.

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Some great atmospheric shots by photographer John Courtney@World street photography. I especially love the horizontal crop of Tom Hardy and Jacob Tomuri…brilliant.

John Courtney  -  ”legend … tom hardy on set / new kray film tom hardy and his double”
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"Legend 2014"

via thdo

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Tom Hardy filming Legend in London Thursday night (July 24th)

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Legend 2014

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Tom on the set of Legend - covered in (fake) blood.

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MilkMade and the Million Peaches!

It’s National Peach Ice Cream Day, so you know we had to celebrate. We’re digging up recipes from summers past like flavor #91, Millions of Peaches and flavor #20, Peppery Peach. If we had our little way, we’d eat peach  ’scream every day. How about you?

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